I pity the fool that don’t get enough sleep!

After paying attention to my body after a late night – sleep is CRITICAL!

I knew it before but damn…
I ate nothing but junk food, especially carby, high in sugar garbage and I couldn’t think worth a damn.

Just one for the books and I’ll try to remember this next time I’m debating planning. Get off my ass and plan to avoid late nights or prepare for the shitty procrastination hangover effect?

I failed… But I ain’t done yet!

Earlier this month, I committed to being a finisher! Publishing my finished side project to the world on the last day of Feb – yeah, today – and never looking back!

Well, that didn’t happen. So what did happen? πŸ€”

1) I booked myself to the brim
2) Work and family needs increased and threw my plans off balance
3) I started caving to the pressure

After I recognized majority of my stress was self-induced, I needed to change something.

So I’m still aiming to finish and publish my side project, but I’m debating if I should keep a strict timeline and force myself to deliver or add in some cushion with an extended deadline for flexibility to the unexpected demands of life? Regardless, it’ll be 2018.

Another key lesson is for all projects I HAVE to consider cushion time. Life will always throw things at me and when I fill every minute of the day with things to do, I never have time for unexpected or spontaneous things.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It whatever the hell the saying is.

Til next time! ✌🏾

Turning into a Finisher in February

Still on schedule to develop and release my DietWatch app/site/system at the end of the month. It’s a personal challenge and I’m enjoying this journey.

The primary goal this month is to evolve from being a good thinker with great ideas to a Finisher that sees results.

Been holding myself accountable with daily reminders in my Google calendar to work on it 30 minutes a day. Missed two nights due to evening work meetings, but that’s just excuses.

Back at it tonight!

DietWatch coming February 28, 2018!

Food diaries are a pain in the ass. Can’t say it more plainly than that. I’ve had an idea on making life easier for almost 2 years now.

Over the two years, I’ve bounced around between how to use wearables, texting, full apps and other technologies. After bouncing around for some time, I recognized I’ve been dragging my feet on this project. Rather than quitting, I’m sticking it through and going to ship my side project by February 28, 2018.

The idea – instead of opening an app, searching for food items and listing everything out to track your food; just text DietWatch and you store your food activity.

Basic idea, but work to be done. Time to work them muscles this month! πŸ’ͺ😎

I need a belt!

Been a while since I could say that because my pants started fitting "snug" and sometimes, not fitting anymore.

But I’m seeing progress from this year’s efforts. That’s one pointer I’ve adhered to from my brother – don’t focus on what the scale says, focus on how your clothes start to fit.

Anyways, good day party people!

It’s always dark before the dawn…

Sorry if the title is misleadingly ominous, but next month will be another round of night shifts. Which means the wife and I will rarely see one another, dieting and childcare duties are even more demanding, and any existing routine is subject to change.

After being through this residency shit for 2 years, you know what to expect, but it still sucks πŸ˜…

That said, I’m setting my goals and aiming for the sky!
* Don’t gain any weight
* Produce at least two podcast episodes (www.fb.me/swpPod)
* Continue working out daily

That’s it! I’m saying it in my mind – "I’m gonna do all this!"
I’ll double back during and at the end to analyze what worked and what didn’t.

Β‘Hasta luego!

Best idea of the week!

Get it in in the AM! πŸŒ„πŸ‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

Because the wife is off and so awesome to help take care of our daughter in the morning, I was able to try a new routine of working out in the morning.

Man, is it amazing!

Have to think through logistics and see if this is actually feasible once I’m taking my daughter to and from school, but I think I can do it and reap the benefits.

I’ve figured it out!

Last year during my #yearOfNoExcuses, I was getting up as early as 5am to get a solid workout in.

Today, I woke up alert and refreshed (sort of) at 5:40am. The reason? I went back to using my sleep cycle app. The one I have been using was Sleep as Android available in the Play Store.

It now hit me that the reason I fell off the wagon last year was my sleep cycles got out of whack once I stopped tracking my sleep. I stopped tracking my sleep when my Nexus 5x died of natural causes (no clue WTF caused it) and switched over to iPhone. I stopped tracking my sleep because my Android Watch didn’t play well with iPhone.

But now I’m back to droid and I’m back to sleep tracking. I’m excited for sleep!

Oops… I forgot this existed… πŸ˜…

It’s still 2018 and I’m in the honeymoon phase of the year. "Eat right", "Exercise!", "Never give up!" and all that jazz. But it’s going pretty well.

Last year was a solid year with a tough ending. My grandmother was in the hospital for surgeries for all of November before passing away in December. It was a tough time for me and all my family. I’m far away in California, she was the foundation, the rock for my family in Florida. So it’s hard. It was hard then and eased up a bit now. But it’s still kind of hard to swallow. But so is life – this too shall pass.

As far as the good that came of 2017, it’s a decent list of things. Top 3 that come to mind are:
1) Getting hired at Intuit (as a contractor)
2) Sticking through my #yearOfNoExcuses bid from Jan to early November. Very proud of myself for sticking true to it.
3) Published my first podcast – Successful While Parenting (www.facebook.com/swpPod). Please, check it out and give me your feedback. I love learning how to improve.

2017 provided some good opportunity for growth. What I learned from last year’s pitfalls is feeding my primary goal for 2018 – sleep needs to be #1.

I noticed my diet got off track when I wasn’t planning; I wasn’t planning when I was tired or "too busy"; all this stemming back to me going to bed late. So if I solve this issue, I’m expecting noticeable gains and hitting multiple birds with one stone.

That’s it for today. Best of luck in your 2018!

Feels so long…

I’ve been pretty busy and stressed trying to balance life shit, so I started neglecting blogging. But I’m back! Need to be back!

Been noticing the need to keep publishing and letting the world give feedback. Then it’s up to me what to do with that feedback.

So, inspiration piece to other readers – get back up on that horse! You’re not done yet! You just took a break. But break time is over!!! Get back to it! ISYMFS!

Quick catch-up:

  • I’ve become a huge C.T. Fletcher fan
  • Missed a few days of working out (or being active in some regard) here and there. But overall, I’m still doing well with staying active everyday. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
  • Eating habits can be πŸ’©. When stress piles on, so do the bad food decisions. And one cookie easily turns into 3-4. One thing I’ve learned and still practicing is enjoying everything in moderation. Example, the other day the fam went to Bill’s Cafe (amazing breakfast place btw) and I had a hankering for pancakes, but didn’t want to stuff myself with only carbs. Ended up with a happy medium of a veggie omelette with one pancake. May not work for all, but helps me! At least for now. Time will tell if there are long term benefits or deficits. Plus, I should prob track calories to be sure… πŸ€”

Anyways, that’s that! Happy living and hope this positively influences you! ✌🏾

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