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Service Designing Myself

At times, I feel like a Service Design evangelist. Albeit, I’m not a Service Designer (yet?), but I’m entirely in love with the principles of Service Design and think they should be applied to more businesses to change our businesses for the better. For more reasons and details on why Service Design is so great, you can visit my LinkedIn profile to see my post "Why Every Business Should Utilize Service Design."

Recently, I got to thinking about all of the things I want to do, my 8 million interest, my 4 million hobbies, and my endless lists of things to do daily. I’m working on getting better, getting organized, reading books for suggestions and it’s been OK so far. But, I haven’t put in much action into making things better. Then a light bulb went off.

My Service Design professor mentioned a book he recommended we review for personal use called "Business Model You". It’s been on my " To Read " list and I’m eager to check it out. But then I realized, why not take the skills I already have and know through Design Thinking to evaluate my life and my goals. It seems like an ideal solution to attempt to bring order (or acceptance) to the chaos of life.

No, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a service! 😉 But it will be interesting to see how those principles can be recycled from business thinking to reorganizing my personal life.

For the next month or so, I’ll take my time evaluating my life’s most important touchpoints (not sure if that makes sense yet) and figuring out how I can make that improvement.

Marvel Seamless Pattern Background

Here’s a seamless Marvel background I created for my portfolio. Turned out more childish looking than I expected. But depending on the use, this wallpaper might better fit your needs.

One random tangent, but I’m impressed by the end result. Took a good bit of time to perfect it, but it’s pretty cool if I can say so myself.

The designs imitate the icons created by Ruben Ferlo. Some are revised copies of Ruben’s, a few others are personally created. Note, that silver character is Antman. Figured that might be confusing trying to ID if it’s Antman or Ultron lol.

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Design365 – Dec 1


My hopes and goals to finish the Don Norman book by the end of November tanked! I definitely missed it due to inadequate time blocking and the onslaught of finals and projects. I know they’re just excuses, but hey? Ish happens and the world keeps spinning. So “Emotional Design” will stay on the ‘to read’ list and I’ll continue trucking.

Albeit, I haven’t dedicated time to do these design tasks daily, I am learning a bunch more about design through my schoolwork and projects. I can see noticeable improvements on the skill I have now versus what I came into grad school with.

Not gonna fret too much over spilled milk. Gonna keep my head down and keep plowing on all the things I have laid out in front of me.

365 Days of Design

First time starting a blog and with a year long challenge.

I’m challenging myself to learn more about design through hands on experience. So following the lead of others who challenged themselves to learn new skills over a year.

Started on Thursday, October 9, so (hopefully) I’ll be making a post a day about my progress.

Plan is to exercise one part of design techniques daily for 12 months. In order to make the most of the time and not be scattered everywhere in design, I’ll focus each month on a particular trait.

Starting off with Emotional October by reading Don Norman’s Emotional Design book and getting a deeper touch into my emotions and various products. Will log daily activity and any notable progress or incidences.