Design365 – Day 1

Canon Rebel T3i
I call her Cammie for short

First day really digging into this, I decided to look into the design of one of my favorite products – my Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera.

Hands down, it’s one of my favorite products I own. From its look, to the feel, to the function. But why? Maybe because I feel like a “real” photographer or the $600 price tag makes me feel obliged to like it!┬áRegardless, there’s more there I wanted to know.

So, I took it out to play with it and learn more about why I liked certain features. Visually, the black color gives it a stern and professional tone; the textures look gentle and rubbable; and the contours of the body just beckon to be held.
Moving past the visceral level, I noted the functionality behind the form’s features. The sexy curves are built for holding (especially since it’s so heavy), the textures to increase grip, and since it’s moderately heavy, it’s built well to be handled with one or two hands. And maybe it’s also designed for one handed use to support the photographer doing other tasks with the other hand. One interesting comparison was the the textured handle resembling the shape, grip, hand placement, and texture of some gun handles. No idea if it’s a real connection or coincidental, but there seems to be similarity.

Wrapping up, it’s pretty neat to look into why I love my camera so and opt to hold it for hours on end during a shoot and even the down time between shots. Analyzing the details of the product design, I learned more about what makes the camera so lovely and desirable.

The next product to review is my Keurig coffee brewer – another product that’s enthralled me, but I never known why.

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