Design365 – Day 3


I thought about it through the day and decided to not redo the Keurig and move on to another interesting item. The product I decided to analyze is a gift that’s very dear to me. It’s a pair of sneakers my little brother gave me one christmas. I’m far from a sneakerhead or fanatic, but I can appreciate a decent looking pair of shoes.

The shoes are from the Derek Rose line at ADIDAS. I pass by others and they will note “Aww man, you got the Derek Rose’s!!!”. I had no idea these shoes impressed so many people, but it’s definitely more than just the name.

First feature is the passionate and bold red/black color scheme – color of Rose’s Chicago Bulls and the meaning of so much more. Coloring helps for this to stand out and provide a mean, bold, and sporty edge.

Not sure if these are actually meant to be used for sports or if it’s just to resemble what the athletes wear. Regardless, these shoes make me feel sporty. They are light on my feet, very form fitting, and have great grip. Although they may inspire me to feel like D. Rose, I only use them for walking around campus and work. I don’t ball hard and nobody wants to fine me. Actually, I don’t even ball 😛

Back to the review – the shoe sports a forward momentum with the coloring and material patterns. Things seem to slope forward. As well, the mesh tongue and the patterns on the side feel reminiscent of a basketball goal, which also adds to the real sporty feel of these shoes.

Lastly, the D. Rose logo is pretty intense in and of itself. It looks like a spinning top, the aerial view of a hurricane, or a saw blade in motion. All of which are three things constantly moving and good not to get in the way of.

All of these components combined are what make wearing this shoe turn me from a nerd to a 5-star athlete. All in my head of course!

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