Design365 – Day 4

Water Bottles

Feel like I’m running out of exciting things to review. At least things that stir up a lot of emotions. Will do some pondering over the next day before the next post.

For this post, I will analyze a few water bottles I own. Although it doesn’t seem like much, I can say enjoy and use one bottle often because of it’s good design. The more I write this, the more I recognize it’s less about emotional design and more about overall usability and design. Oh well! Time is short and I’ll make the most of the day.

First bottle on the left is one I got at a Hackathon sporting Google Glass. It’s a very cool black, stylish white font, and very sturdy aluminum or metal build. Very cool, but not as useful as others that I have owned. The bumps on the lid give it a texture that neither adds nor takes away from the bottle. Rather, it balances out because its texture balances out the slick, smooth body all over the rest of the bottle. Although it adds texture and variety, it’s not comfortable to hold for long. The hole at the top is also great for easy one-finger holding and transportation.

The middle bottle is from a work event. Another bottle offering good utility, but not as attractive as the first. This bottle seems like it’s built to be tossed around, taken to the gym, and lay wherever. The look alone isn’t much, but the loop, the texture grips, and the printed measurements on the side all add to normal functionality of the bottle. Maybe the “beat me up” look is intentional since it’s a cheaper model.

Lastly, the bottle on the right is my favorite. Easy to hold, easy to drink from, and pretty stylish. The bottle it very sleek, the transparent color seems cool, and the lid’s little flares add a nice touch. The wide lip, the accent colors, the neckband all add a feel not seen in other bottles. Another feature past the visceral level of design is the functionality that I haven’t found in any other bottle. The spring loaded lid allows me to quickly and easily access the water without having to twist the lid off or anything else. It seems like a simple thing, but that little feature makes it easier and more convenient for me to drink water and has been the reason my water consumption has shot through the roof.

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