Design365 – Day 5

The analysis today is to review the World of Coca Cola. Recently went to the factory/amusements in Atlanta with my wife and loved every moment of it. Enjoyed all of the interactive attractions, relived some childhood memories, and learned a lot about the Coca Cola company.

Growing up, I remember stories of Coca Cola (and/or McDonald’s I believe) going into lesser developed countries and using up all of the local’s water to make Coke. Not sure the actual event and implications, but this is what I walked in remembering. Coca Cola is just this big conglomerate soaking up the world’s water sources. For good sodas, but that’s not the point. Even with this negative imprint, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

The site was built to embody fun and happiness. Of course there was an abundance of trademark Coke red coloring. We spotted the Coke Polar Bear, noticed the famous Coke bottle outlined all through out, and a lot of flags to symbolize it’s worldwide impact.

But, the powerful thing was feeling the emotional impact of the video they crafted. It works as an intro to the tour and entry into the factory. There’s a brief trailer on YouTube, but it doesn’t do justice for the actual impact. It was about a 5-minute video showing a lot of events that stirred emotional highs. The stories it told highlighted great and inspiring emotions. Best part was that the video barely included any plugs for Coke. It was all centered around the people who drink it.

Nonetheless, I reflect on the experience and the video had an amazing part. Was very well crafted and changed the visit entirely. Still reflecting on how Coke crafted everything precisely for different feelings and interactions.

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