Design365 – Day 6

Ooops! Welp, I actually missed doing a review yesterday. Was supposed to continue reading Don Norman’s “Emotional Design” book for a week, but got swamped with school work. Plan is to read tonight as well as do a quick analysis of my motorcycle helmet. #SleepIsForSuckas #IWannaBeASucka

*** Update ***
It’s 2am and I should be sleep, but I’m insane and gluttonous for pain and/or learning. Not sure if pain or learning is taking the forefront here, but I love keeping myself up late doing things only to wake up tired or late or both the next day.

But, for the reason that it’s so late and I want to be functional tomorrow, I’m going to be brief here with my follow up and the Day 7 write-up.

Read some of Donnie Norm’s book tonight. I met him, but don’t know him well enough, rather at all, to give him a funny nickname, but this is my blog and my rules here. But, the book went over how the mind works on three different levels of visceral, behavioral, and reflective thinking. The biggest impact I gained here is recognizing the flow of control from reflective thinking down to behavioral, then down to visceral. It’s a bit much to describe in a sentence, but really made me rethink how I understand human processing of an experience.

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