Have a beer with my heroes

After the release of the Tesla Motors “D” series of cars, I became further captivated by the genius and ability of Elon Musk. Watched several YouTube videos of him at TED Talks and speaking on other topics.

Seeing this made me think about other heroes and idols I have. My wife and I talked about becoming a successful individualĀ but not being an arrogant ass about it. For example, Steve Jobs and Kanye West are extraordinary and have talents many dream for, but only few have. Yet, I know that I wouldn’t optĀ to have a conversation with these guys (I’m more than aware Jobs has passed, that’s not the point though) because they’re so high and mighty. They have tons of knowledge that you can’t get from anywhere else, but I imagine there’d be some ass kissing involved before they’d gladly share it.

On the other hand, there’s guys like Elon Musk and Bill Gates who I would love the opportunity to sit down and chat with. On stage, they don’t seem as poised and confident as the others, but that’s the beauty – they show they’re human and willing to give and take around others. They know they don’t know it all. Another person I imagine would be a great person to drink beers with would be Matt Inman of The Oatmeal. Another smart and cool guy that isn’t off-putting with arrogance.

Wrapping up, I respect and admire a lot of people for their contributions to the world. Kanye and Steve Jobs are amazing and irreplaceable figures in our society. But I would probably hesitate to meet someone like them because I don’t think I would get the respect I’d like to get in return. Maybe I got it all wrong and I’m misreading their personas and they are great people to know.

But through what I see, I’m learning what kind of leader to be and what not to be while striving to make my impact on the earth. And hopefully, I’d be able to enjoy a round with greats like Bill Gates and Elon Musk who would treat me and respect me as if I were a great (even if I’m not).

*** Update ***
Was thinking about this write up and wanted to clarify – more than likely, I wouldn’t turn down a chance to talk with Kanye or some other great of our time, but I have mixed feelings about meeting them because of who they portray. On the other hand, I try to withhold judgement because I don’t know these people personally, and hence should not judge them for how the media portrays them.

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