Walking into the New Year

So my Design365 Challenge crashed within a few weeks. Unfortunate, but learned about myself in order to continue growth. I WILL continue the challenge in the near future. Maybe pickup on the 16th day (or whichever number I left off) of the year to push through, improve my consistency, and learn. And as the floodgates of life continue to open, I have to find someway to stay true to my goals.

Additionally, I’m starting to write music. Sometimes I want to say I’m writing “music/poetry” so if the music fails I can fall back as a poet. But I’m planning to go full in as a Rapper. Sounds odd, scary, and like it doesn’t fit. But the more I look at my skills, tastes, and what I have fun doing, writing music is a great fit.

I’m not choosing school or music – I will be doing both. Going against the grain of the “either/or” fib and recognizing that I can be a Designer AND a Rapper.

Looking forward to the greatness to come!

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