A good, not-so-good day

Last night, found out that instead of getting a tax refund, we owe the Govt a good chunk a change. "Yay!" said no one in my house. Panic set in at first and I was temporarily paralyzed in thought. But, fuck it. Make a plan, figure out what went wrong and keep it moving.

So, now, going to find a tax advisor, find ways to bring things down and set up a repayment plan.

But, the good, we were approved for a home we’ve been hoping to rent. This means we’ll get our dog back and have space at home for a yard and basic wants.

Probably the funniest feelings I had in a while. Typically days are good, bad, or meh. I can’t even recall a day that yo-yo’d between good and bad.

Guess that’s adulting.

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