Darebee 30 Days of Gravity completed!

Officially finished the #30DaysOfGravity program by Darebee (http://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of-gravity.html)! Woohoo! Proud of myself for making it 30 days straight, no excuses on missing a workout. Ended up losing a little over 2 pounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s 2 pounds in the right direction by my choice. Not pure happenstance.

Quick review of the #30DaysOfGravity program: it’s a great start to getting back to being active. Not too intense and not too easy – that perfect starter balance. I typically prefer weight lifting but due to life and time constraints, I can’t hit the gym and forced to workout in my apartment. This program is great for those conditions.

Next up, #30DaysOfHIIT from Darebee (yes, I am in love with them, yes I’m willing to marry it 😝) and will follow up with a review as well.

#YearOfNoExcuses #KeepPushing

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