Darebee 30 Days of HIIT review

So, dedicated the last month or so to "30 days of HIIT" from my love, Darebee.

Was very cardio, but I prefer weightlifting. So I’m switching to Ironborn (http://darebee.com/programs/ironborn-program.html) mixed with some calisthenics – resistance and cardio.

HIIT is good for cardio, but doesn’t do much for strength. You also have to be disciplined enough to push yourself. Some days, I was great; some days, I’d have to remind myself halfway through that I need to push and do the exercises like it was only 15 seconds. It would also be good to know which days are intended as recovery days vs "Go HAM!" days. Sometimes, I found myself confused if I was doing workouts incorrectly or if it was a chill day. Not meant to be a knock against the program, but an area of improvement I noticed.

The results for me are not reliable because I ate bullshit way too often through the month. But, March is here and I’ll switch it up for some wiser choices.

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