Darebee – 30 Days of HIIT

Last month, I did 30 Days of Gravity by Darebee. Pretty good challenge to "warm-up" to better, healthy living lifestyle. Very slow paced, but challenging enough to make you know you’re working for it.

On the other hand, 30 Days of HIIT? BRUTAL! And I’m only doing the first level! But I love it! :-)

I’m barely 5 days in and I feel it. Last month, I would workout, get a sweat and that was it. This time around, I feel the workout for days. Reminds me of the soreness I used to get from a good weightlifting workout.

This is my first time doing HIIT and it’s very good. Time isn’t a huge consideration for me because I make time to workout. What I love about this HIIT program is that the time limits push me to work harder – not do things slowly and drag the workouts out.

Lastly, the motivation to try HIIT came from listening to a podcast from one of my favorite brains out there – Tim Ferris. This podcast he interviews Dr. Martin Gibala about the benefits of HIIT and it’s a great exploration of the science and reasoning behind HIIT and exercising in general. If you’re interested in HIIT, this podcast is worth a listen to learn about it.

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