Dreaming vs. Doing

I think I’m hitting that age where I recognize the work I’m suggesting is a lot harder to accomplish than I like to say it is. Maybe that’s what "x years of experience" is really about – knowing what can be done vs what you want to be done.

It’s a new, hard paradigm to come to grips with because it’s acknowledging some of my dreams may have to die in order to dedicate resources to actually doing work for another. The good is learning new skills and building up character while treading through the battlefields.

I’ll have to see as time passes if it’s more of a battle between dreaming and doing, or if I’m overthinking or missing something. Either way, right now, the designer in me is in one corner, while the dev is in another. Ding! Ding Ding Ding! Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMMBLLE!

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