Feels so long…

I’ve been pretty busy and stressed trying to balance life shit, so I started neglecting blogging. But I’m back! Need to be back!

Been noticing the need to keep publishing and letting the world give feedback. Then it’s up to me what to do with that feedback.

So, inspiration piece to other readers – get back up on that horse! You’re not done yet! You just took a break. But break time is over!!! Get back to it! ISYMFS!

Quick catch-up:

  • I’ve become a huge C.T. Fletcher fan
  • Missed a few days of working out (or being active in some regard) here and there. But overall, I’m still doing well with staying active everyday. 🙌🏾
  • Eating habits can be 💩. When stress piles on, so do the bad food decisions. And one cookie easily turns into 3-4. One thing I’ve learned and still practicing is enjoying everything in moderation. Example, the other day the fam went to Bill’s Cafe (amazing breakfast place btw) and I had a hankering for pancakes, but didn’t want to stuff myself with only carbs. Ended up with a happy medium of a veggie omelette with one pancake. May not work for all, but helps me! At least for now. Time will tell if there are long term benefits or deficits. Plus, I should prob track calories to be sure… 🤔

Anyways, that’s that! Happy living and hope this positively influences you! ✌🏾

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