I failed… But I ain’t done yet!

Earlier this month, I committed to being a finisher! Publishing my finished side project to the world on the last day of Feb – yeah, today – and never looking back!

Well, that didn’t happen. So what did happen? 🤔

1) I booked myself to the brim
2) Work and family needs increased and threw my plans off balance
3) I started caving to the pressure

After I recognized majority of my stress was self-induced, I needed to change something.

So I’m still aiming to finish and publish my side project, but I’m debating if I should keep a strict timeline and force myself to deliver or add in some cushion with an extended deadline for flexibility to the unexpected demands of life? Regardless, it’ll be 2018.

Another key lesson is for all projects I HAVE to consider cushion time. Life will always throw things at me and when I fill every minute of the day with things to do, I never have time for unexpected or spontaneous things.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It whatever the hell the saying is.

Til next time! ✌🏾

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