Instructions on Life

Was speaking with a good friend at work today about how our score-based societies have made us great at following and perfecting instructions, but incapable to think and solve typical problems. This came up because we were saying what we don’t want in schools for our children.

But, as I ruminate more and more on the topic, I recognized I can really get caught up in the "go Google it" mentality. Which is akin to "the answers are in the back of the book". But life isn’t a book. And even if there are answers in reach, seeing an answer is different than getting there. If that wasn’t the case, a lot more people would be millionaires or achieved their definition of success.

Now I think about it and I get stuck on reading every good book on leadership and entrepreneurship under the sun. Listen to every podcast my ears can listen to. Funny thing is, they all have one common theme – just do it.

So tonight, rather than spending 30 minutes reading from others on "How to blog" like it’s some advanced freaking science, I’m doing it. Braving up and taking a step to make it happen.

Hope this serves as encouragement to others – or even myself when I read this again in the future.

Just do it.

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