Oops… I forgot this existed… 😅

It’s still 2018 and I’m in the honeymoon phase of the year. "Eat right", "Exercise!", "Never give up!" and all that jazz. But it’s going pretty well.

Last year was a solid year with a tough ending. My grandmother was in the hospital for surgeries for all of November before passing away in December. It was a tough time for me and all my family. I’m far away in California, she was the foundation, the rock for my family in Florida. So it’s hard. It was hard then and eased up a bit now. But it’s still kind of hard to swallow. But so is life – this too shall pass.

As far as the good that came of 2017, it’s a decent list of things. Top 3 that come to mind are:
1) Getting hired at Intuit (as a contractor)
2) Sticking through my #yearOfNoExcuses bid from Jan to early November. Very proud of myself for sticking true to it.
3) Published my first podcast – Successful While Parenting (www.facebook.com/swpPod). Please, check it out and give me your feedback. I love learning how to improve.

2017 provided some good opportunity for growth. What I learned from last year’s pitfalls is feeding my primary goal for 2018 – sleep needs to be #1.

I noticed my diet got off track when I wasn’t planning; I wasn’t planning when I was tired or "too busy"; all this stemming back to me going to bed late. So if I solve this issue, I’m expecting noticeable gains and hitting multiple birds with one stone.

That’s it for today. Best of luck in your 2018!

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