Review of FramerJS

The Good

  • Code is easy to dive into, but able to do basics with GUI
  • Well documented –
  • Easily sharable to ANY device (via URL or mirror app)
  • Good user community in Facebook group –
  • Supports imports from Sketch and Photoshop
  • Autocomplete for code is helpful
  • When hovering the "layers" panel, the corresponding layer is highlighted in preview area, as well as the code editor
  • Have a gallery of apps for inspiration and you’re able to open their code inside Framer

The Bad

  • Importing from Sketch or PS requires the app to be open – rather than just a static file
  • Does not update when Sketch file changes (can be good or bad)
  • Light on support on Stack Overflow and other cursory Google searches
  • I can see it becoming a lot of code to manage, even for something relatively simple
  • Autobuild is useful in some cases, but when thinking through a problem, it becomes distracting
  • Even though Sketch allows it, layers can’t start with a number in Framer
  • It is possible to export to GIF, but it’s a rather manual process –

The Ugly

  • Framer will only recognize layer groups. So individual layers and symbols are ignored. This gets old quick when you have to keep going back into Sketch just to group one object (or symbol) and then, also, reimport the file.
    Ideally, all layers would be accessible in Framer, but I think it would affect performance (or so I’ve heard


8 out of 10
I love the simple gui with the ability to code, plus import from Sketch and Photoshop. But the "layer groups" issue can cause a headache from constantly switching between two apps for one task.

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